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First to mention Peter Greenaway? He has made films which are almost entirely composed of idiosyncrasies. Drowning By Numbers is maybe the most extreme - the numbers 1 to 100 appear in sequence through the film (for you to identify), which is largely concerned with games played by the characters.

In Drowning by Numbers, number-counting, the rules of games and the repetitions of the plot are all devices which emphasise structure. Through the course of the film each of the numbers 1 to 100 appear, the large majority in sequence, often seen in the background, sometimes spoken by the characters.
Another game, if I remember correctly, played by the viewer, concerns the composition of the initial shots of scenes, which are based on renaissance paintings, for you to identify.

It's not the only film he made which is monumentally odd. Prospero's Books is a relatively straightforward version of The Tempest - except that all of the characters' lines are spoken by John Gielgud (who also plays Prospero). A Zed & Two Noughts (about the efforts of two twins to become conjoined) is filled with time lapse video clips of growth and decay.

Always interesting, mind.