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Originally Posted by bump View Post
I don't know... "Red Army" by Peters was a terrific read. I read it in about 1990 though, so Amazon wasn't around, and I never did see "War in 2020" in the bookstore. I'm pretty interested in reading it now.

But to wait until 2020 just for the sake of doing it? Maybe, if the book takes place over a relatively long stretch of the year. You could read it "as it happens", so to speak.
I really like that idea! On checking though the story actually commences in 2005, jumps to 2008 then 2016 and is about a fifth of the way in before we get to 2020. Maybe I should have started reading it in 2005, finished the chapter and waited until 2008...

Originally Posted by Lumpy View Post
Going by Wikipedia's synopsis, the politics of the story is hopelessly dated and makes the various military alliances nonsensical. You can read it as alt-history but there's no point in waiting, our 2020 has nothing in common with the book.
I'm not reading it for anything other than entertainment value though, and I fully expect it to have little to nothing to do with the real world, that's part of the fun.

I have quite a few 'Cold War Gone Hot' books and they're also an interesting read as alternate-history.

Thanks for the answers everyone, looks like I'll wait!

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