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Of course Hitchcock is known for his cameos, but most people miss the fact that he often staged key scenes on stairways. Some examples (spoilered so no one gets huffy):

Number Seventeen -- most of the film
The Thirty-Nine Steps -- sort of: Pamela realizes Hannay is telling the truth when she stands on a landing near the stairs
Suspicion -- the glass of milk
Shadow of a Doubt -- an attempt at murder by sawing through a step, and Charlie descending the stairs with the ring.
Notorious -- Grant rescuing Bergman
Strangers on a Train -- Guy's attempt to murder Bruno's father
The Man Who Knew Too Much (1956) -- Villain dies falling down stairs
Psycho -- Arbogast's murder
Frenzy -- The dolly shot down the stairs to the street.
Family Plot -- Final scene

Truffaut once asked Hitchcock about it, and Hitchcock replied "Stairs are very photogenic."
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