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Originally Posted by Tangent View Post
Last night I was watching the movie Witness, starring Harrison Ford. I've seen it a couple of times before, but it had been a long time. I noticed something which now seems really obvious, but I hadn't picked up on it before.

Here's the scene:

Early in the movie the little Amish boy witnesses a murder in the restroom at the train station and is hiding in the last toilet stall at the end of the row. The murderous cop is checking the stalls one by one. The tension is rising as he works his way down the row, and just before the cop kicks in the door to the last stall, the boy drops to the floor and slips under the dividing wall into the next stall over which had already been checked by the cop. But as the boy slides under the wall, his wide-brimmed hat falls off his head onto the floor of the stall. He reaches back under the wall, grabs the hat, and pulls it under the wall just in time before the cop bursts into the stall to find it empty.

Clearly a wink to Ford's contemporary role as Indiana Jones, and Jones' last-second grabs of his fedora.
Well, mebbe; but the boy grabbing his hat just before the cop sees it and figures out where hes gone is a pretty good way of building suspense in the scene, so maybe its there for dramatic purposes.
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