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Originally Posted by Miller View Post
If she wants votes from LGBTQ voters, she'd better fucking make the time.
Certainly, but then, is that the demographic she's aiming for? Does it really help her to potentially burn the few evangelicals she has for the even fewer LGBT+ who might vote for her if she does spend the time?

She's a politician, she must make these political calculations in regards to how she uses what little public exposure she gets.

I'm definitely not saying someone should vote for her. I'm certainly not hoping she wins the nomination. It's just respectable, in my eyes, that she has discarded a flawed belief for a better one. That's really it.

This is the very definition of the limelight.
Don't quote from context. I said "isn't in the limelight to pursue the issue you want her to talk about". Yeah, she's in the limelight, but not for LGBT+ advocacy. If she really is deeply regretful, I would think becoming an LGBT+ advocate would be a better use of her time, especially considering the harm she's already caused and the good she could do instead of trying to move past it with just an apology, but it's her life, and right now she's dedicating it to a presidential run.

Doing what you ask of her doesn't seem to have a favorable impact calculus, given her objective.