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Yes, but it was a fictional tribe (the Rubber Tree people from Central America) that was originally given the gift of intelligence by some white aliens. One of them was played by the guy who played Elaine's boss in Seinfeld (Richard Fancy).

While it is exactly as racist as that sounds (SFDebris considers it the worst and most racist episode in the franchise), I don't 100% blame them. They were fooled by a charlatan of a Native American consultant. So at least they were trying, unlike other big companies that tried to exploit Native Americans.
As a native...I blame them. They were blinded by their White Savior complex. This was AFTER the abominable Journey's End which featured such gems as:

!. Wheaton: "We're doing an Indian episode!!" Oh that's great, is that like a "Jew Episode" or a "Black episode" Tell me more.

2. Bullshit mumbo-jumbo spiritualism white guilt for Picard. Picard (AND JANEWAY) are people of reason....UNTIL of course it comes to "Indian spiritualism". Then its all "HMMMMMMMMM"

3, Dialogue such as "Picard! What are you going to do about your Indians!!" Oh they arn't settlers? They arn't colonists? This Cardassian is calling them Indians??