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Originally Posted by pulykamell View Post
"Steak sandwich" is such a vague term that you never know what you'll get, and there's many acceptable versions. The version sold under that name at the Brat House in Kenosha, for instance, isn't really that much different.
When I was in boot camp at Great Lakes, for boot liberty about six of us went to Kenosha because it was close but not as expensive (we hoped) as Chicago. When we got there, we went our various ways and joined up several hours later. The guy from Philadelphia spotted me and came galloping up. "Hey! I was in this diner and I ordered a steak sandwich---"

"---and it was one hunk of meat on a round bun," I interrupted. "A thin slice of ribeye if you were lucky."

"Yeah! How did you know?"

"That's what most of the country expects when they order a steak sandwich. You should have seen me the first time I had one in Philly!"