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Originally Posted by CairoCarol View Post
Sneeringly reducing it to a gambit to separate tourists from their money simply shows that you are unfamiliar with Hawai'i.
Given that aloha merch is found all over Hawaii, and is a major export of Hawaii, it seems weird to expect that someone who lives 4000 miles away should be more familiar with the "no actually" take on this.

She may or may not be sincere in characterizing her change of heart with respect to LGBTQ issues, but I can guarantee you her use of the word "aloha" is anything but patronizing.
How can you guarantee the intent of someone using a particular word? Are you friends with her? Do you possess a longer version of the statement that the rest of us haven't seen?

If a plain translation is "love and compassion" or "good karma" or something deep and reverential, then it sounds extremely patronizing and superficial to name-drop any of that in a policy position, rather than speak plainly about why one changed their minds. (Did she change her mind because of all the alohas? Could she share one particularly moving aloha with us? Do they have magical powers? Most critically, do alohas have a shelf life longer than an election?

If the term doesn't lend itself to plain translation, then it seems like she's being opaque and evasive.

If it's a term that's mainly known in Hawaii, then it's odd she thought mainlanders would understand it.

Anyway, my point isn't to denigrate Hawaii or Aloha or anything, but rather to point out that using a magic word to cover a policy flip makes it look more like an elision strategy than a sincere statement of feeling.