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I agree with everything said here so far. I didn't notice anyone mentioning a blinding hatred of Aleida. She's always been a dirty puta but holy cow, I can't find a single redeeming thing about her. I hope she did end up killing Daya and ends up spending the rest of her time in solitary confinement.

Up until this season I really liked Alex but something about her was "off" for me. I'm glad she "set Piper free" and I wish it had stuck.

They really did not pull any punches this time around. Red and Morello? That last scene was heartbreaking. We're meant to take comfort in the thought that they have each other but I think they're both too far gone.

I cannot believe they ended Hellman's story with him becoming Warden. I so wanted him to come to a humiliating end.

I kept it together for most of the last ep but really teared up when they did the montage of all the characters; it was good to see all of the gang. I had to stop and think how they're stories had wrapped up. I'm really going to miss this show.