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Aleida was my favorite love-to-hate character and she did not disappoint! Daya was my hate-to-hate character and I got very tired of her, but I think the actress's portrayal was great.

I loved the Mountain Dew eulogy. It might have been my favorite moment.

On the whole, I thought there were too many happy endings. Too much of a neat wrap-up. I think in the real prison experience you lose track of people and never see them again. Also, a significant portion of these characters were improved by their prison experiences, and I don't think that's accurate, either. Most people will probably have a trajectory more like Daya's than Suzanne's. More like wrecks your life/fractures your family, forever. Of course accuracy does not equal entertainment, necessarily--and not everyone had a good ending. But redeeming Fig? Come on. Sure she was better than (Susan?) but that's a pretty low bar.

I was very tired of Piper/Alex but I think it was because I did not actually sense a lot of chemistry between those two, and it should have been there. So those two had way too much screen time IMO. I thought Piper's post-prison experiences were interesting, other than that. I thought her parole officer was great.

I don't know what I'm going to watch now!