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Originally Posted by Just Asking Questions View Post
I fear it's changing morality. We as a country have regressed. You can't say stuff on TV you could 20 years ago. And it goes into radio as well.

Two examples. WeTV shows bowdlerized Law and Order reruns. Let that sink in. A basic cable station edits "offensive" dialog from a show that was originally broadcast on network television! (and shows them with promos for some of the most offensive shows I've ever seen, like Marriage Boot Camp and Love After Lockup and a show about "Atlanta's hottest strippers".)

But Lennie Brisco saying "butthead" gets censored.

Example 2: the other music service, Music Choice, used to play the "funky shit" version of SMB's Jet Airliner on their "classic rock" channel and the "funky kicks" on their 70s channel. Now they play the funky kicks on both channels. Regression.
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