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Originally Posted by Doug K. View Post
My guess is that when you plug into the aux port that the built in mike on your phone gets shut off.
Iím pretty sure Doug K nailed it. And the cable he linked to would work fine with, say, headphones. But the mic on it will be terrible if you try to force it to be a speakerphone. You want either a Bluetooth hands-free speakerphone kit for your car (which can send audio to your aux port) or a headset that incorporates a mic.

OP, standard aux cables have three conductors and cannot carry microphone audio. Doug K linked to a four-conductor cable with a built-in mic, so it should workóbut as I said before, if you try to use it as a speakerphone, youíll be sorely disappointed. Among other things, that mic may produce feedback from your carís speakers. That mic was designed with the assumption that it couldnít possibly pick up the other personís voice.