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Originally Posted by SciFiSam View Post
I disliked the Bladerunner version of that test because it started with "tell me one positive thing about your mother." Now, even most people with terrible mothers could probably think of something positive, but it also wouldn't be that weird to be human and also react with anger at that question. I know there was supposed to be other stuff about cameras seeing pupils, etc (though it would be pretty hard for any camera to see them while someone stood up and moved around the room), but the questions were a hard part of it.
The test isn’t designed to elicit specific emotional responses, it’s desgned to provoke an emotional response which it can then gauge for being genuine or manufactured. The idea isn’t, “If this question makes them angry, they’re a replicant,” it’s, “Replicants won’t have genuine emotional responses to this question.” And, of course, there’s reasons why a human might fake an emotional response to a question like that, which is why there’s a lot of questions. A “real” person is going to have genuine emotional responses to most of them. A replicant, in theory, wouldn’t have a genuine emotional response to any of them.

That said, in my headcanon for the movie, the Voight-Kampala test is actually bullshit pseudoscience, like a lie detector.