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Originally Posted by CalMeacham View Post
I stand by my statements. Listings give the chief people, not the whole team.

Block, who did effects for Atomic Sub (His arm was inside the one-eyed alien puppet) and Kronos wrote the story for Forbidden Planet.

Look at the effects used for the destruction of the Krel door at the climax of FP and the scenes of the destruction of Kronos -- there's a great similarity between the appearance and even the philosophy. Things didn't just melt, they decomposed in a characteristic way.

A "team" is more than one person. Please name two or more people who worked on the visual efx team for all three movies. Note that for Kronos, you referred to "much of the same team" as FP's visual efx crew, yet you have already ruled out all of the credited "chief people" who worked on FP's visual efx.

Mr. Block is credited with "based on a story by" for FP. He was not part of the visual efx team for that film. Citing him does not lend credence to your claims ("...but the special effects, by much of the same team that did Forbidden Planet...."; "More effects work from the Forbidden Planet team.")

"...scenes of the destruction of Kronos" is an ambiguous phrase meaning either the destruction Kronos causes or the destruction of Kronos itself. Scenes of destruction by Kronos use miniatures, fire and superimposition. They look nothing like anything in FP. The Krel door getting super-hot bears a passing resemblance to Kronos' final moments, but given the specific phenomena in question is the same (metal overheating), it is a generic resemblance and it comprises a few seconds of screen time at most. Basing a claim of "great similarity" (and "even the philosophy") on those few seconds is specious. Lastly, Kronos and the Krel door do not decompose "in a characteristic way." The Krel door decomposes, bits and pieces falling off. Kronos does not decompose; it just gets super-hot and psychedelic.

Destruction of Kronos -

Decomposition of Krel door -