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Originally Posted by gotpasswords View Post
(Turning on lights in a warehouse, etc.)

Sounds like turning circuit breakers on or off. I used to work in a 2,000 foot industrial space, and at the end of the day, five clicks followed by the squeak and clank of closing the door on the breaker panel, and the lights were out. No big ka-WHUNK, and no mechanized chack-chack-chack-chack-chack as the lights are sequenced on or off down the length of the building.

What pulls me out of a story is wrong telephones. Things like a phone with modular plugs in the 50s or as happened in Rocketman, phones on the wrong continent. As I wrote in the Goofs section at IMDB: "The phone next to the bed at Mama Cass' house is British - a GPO 722, which would not work in the US as among other things, it has the wrong kind of plug."
Well, I work in Sports Lighting, and I can assure you that (older) lighting controls make a HUGE clunk when they are turned on. I once nearly crapped in my pants when we activated a 1960ís-vintage contractor. It sounded like a gunshot!