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Originally Posted by Telemark View Post
Neatly tied up in a bow,
Sort of, I guess. The ending turned out to be "Nothing you've seen in this show ever actually happened in the show's universe." Kind of unfulfilling.

I liked that Farouk created (or, rather, hatched) the time guardians to free himself.

For the past two seasons, watching this show has felt like work to me. All those pointless "LOOK AT THE COLORS!!!!!" scenes, especially the dance numbers, were painfully boring. I'd get like 10 minutes of show out of each 45-minute episode.

The final two episodes felt like entertainment, at least. I particularly liked the way the time guardians were depicted. Their movement was satisfyingly creepy, though in fairness their "combat" scenes were laughable.

In the end, if I had to describe the show in just a few words, I'd go with self-indulgent.