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Originally Posted by california jobcase View Post
They need to realize it's pay radio, and there's no need for the DJs to talk over the song intros to squeeze in more songs or commercials! I hate when a DJ talks over the song on broadcast radio, and I hate it on Sirius!

The practice was one of the reasons listeners left top 40 radio stations and went to AOR stations back in the 70s!
As I noted upthread, that is *not* standard across SiriusXM stations -- the stations where they do this (particularly 70s on 7) are *intentionally* re-creating the feel of an AM top-40 station of that era, at which, yes, it was often the standard for DJs to talk over the ramp/lead-in for songs. The other SiriusXM stations that I listen to which have DJs (such as Classic Rewind, First Wave, etc.) specifically *don't* do this.

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