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Originally Posted by SanVito View Post
I'm speechless. The reason Italian food (real Italian food) has such worldwide renown is because the quality of the original ingredients used is stella. Pasta dishes included. The freshest tomatoes, the finest olive oil, the sharpest lemons.
How do you determine the sharpness of a lemon before you cut it? I'd love to know how to do that.

And I agree somewhat; ingredient quality is definitely part of the equation, but a lot of it is more because the cuisine itself is excellent. I mean, you can make a perfectly delicious, if inauthentic "lasagna" out of dried pasta, hamburger meat, canned pasta sauce, grocery store ricotta and grated "parmesan" from a can.

THAT is why Italian food is great- even when abused or reinterpreted a dozen ways, it's still tasty. Mexican food is similar- pretty much anything can be put in a tortilla and become part of a taco and still be tasty.

French food is a bit more finicky- I wonder if it's because a lot of Italian and Mexican foods were originally peasant foods, even if they were peasant special occasion foods, while a lot of French cuisine derives from a more upper-class culinary origin.