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Originally Posted by Morbo View Post
"That's the 4:30 BART from San Jose!"
That reminded me of another bad one from Monk: "He's probably fleeing by train -- check San Bruno, or maybe Millbrae." The only trains you can catch there are Caltrain, which can only take you as far as Gilroy. All the Amtrak trains run through the East Bay. I mean, it is possible to take Caltrain to San Jose and transfer to Amtrak there, but it was strongly implied that the suspect was taking a long distance train from San Bruno, not a commuter train. They even showed a full on train station with indoor seating, not the sort of platform Caltrain uses.

Psych was equally bad with Santa Barbara, doing things like showing people jogging on trails through lush coniferous forests, nothing like the sort of flora you'd find in that area. Vancouver might be able to stand in as a generic North American city in many cases, but it looks nothing like Santa Barbara.