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For its time, certainly at the beginning anyway, Friends was exemplary without quite being ground-breaking. It had/has a lot of things going for it:

- skilled writers
- an attractive, talented cast
- a well-moderated grown-up-ish tone for the time - mild references to sex, drugs and alcohol - but nothing too 'HBO' ....
- very good and balanced characters
- a good mix of sentimentality and silliness - although it veered too much towards the former in future years.

It's interesting to compare it to Seinfeld, which was in many ways a more comedically edgy and adult, sophisticated show. Somehow, Friends seems to have aged better.

- Seinfeld had a more limited cast, and - it seems, at least, more limited budget
- It was more male/masculine both in terms of its cast and storylines
- While the characters in Friends had moments of selfishness and pettiness, overall their characters are portrayed sympathetically. All of the characters in Seinfeld are to various degrees (comedically) unpleasant, or the comedy is structured around the antisocial quirks of their colleagues/partners. Comparatively, Seinfeld feels rather acidic,in a very 1990s way. These days, we prefer our acidity in a different flavour, but our tastes for saccharine content (like in Friends) haven't evolved much.

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