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Originally Posted by caligulathegod View Post
Elton lowered Tiny Dancer to a really low key.
Of course, Elton had throat surgery in 1987.

In the article, there's a quote where he claims he's a better singer now. Either he's delusional or he's trying to convince himself that things aren't that bad, because he was a far, FAR better singer in his youth.

I had the occasion to watch an early performance of Penn & Teller this week, on Youtube. In the clip I watched, Penn (recently) talked about their second appearance on Letterman. He talked about it in his gravelly voice, then they showed the early appearance. I could hardly recognize his voice, as the characteristic roughness was gone.

I used to be hard on singers that smoked and did coke and swilled straight whiskey, thinking they had no respect for the gift so many of us admire and would love to have. . . but watching the Penn & Teller clip, and knowing Penn didn't do any of those things (AFAIK), maybe the damage is just a consequence of NEVER SHUTTING UP! Just using their voice wears and damages the vocal cords.