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Originally Posted by Bad News Baboon View Post
Would it work to hollow out after?
Hmmm...I'd doubt it. Part of the dyeing process involves boiling the silk-wrapped eggs in order to transfer the pattern. The egg hard-boils during this process, and I'm not aware of a way to remove solid egg from the shell without breaking it.

There was some discussion last year about blowing out the eggs before starting the process, so you're only working with the shell. The problem with that would be keeping the shell from collapsing under the strain of the rubber bands (used to keep the silk tight against the eggshell). I proposed carefully wrapping the silk around a blown egg and securing it with thread rather than rubber bands. I haven't tried this idea yet, but if you decide to give it a go, I'd love to know how it comes out.

And thanks for purchasing -- the kit will be in the mail in the morning!