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Originally Posted by amarinth View Post
There is not enough information for the phone calls to be meaningful. Yes he called her 3 times the day before she went missing*, and none after. But was that day typical? What were his calling patterns in the two or three weeks before that? If he'd called her two or three times every day or even most days in that time frame, then his stopping the calls is somewhere between interesting and damning. If he only called her sporadically in those two weeks (3 times one day, none for the next few days, etc.) then it isn't strange at all that he didn't call her the next few days, that fits his pattern. I don't know which one of those things is true. I'm suspicious that the prosecution only brought up evidence from the day before.
I don't think a pattern really shows anything one way or another. Presumably Hae going missing was an unusual event, so there's plenty of reason for Adnan to change his calling behavior, whether he knew she was dead or not. The Prosecution said he should've started calling more often because she was missing, he said he stopped calling because he knew other people were already trying to reach her, and if she wasn't returning their calls she obviously didn't want to talk. Either way, no one is saying his behavior should have or did remain unaltered.