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Originally Posted by Do Not Taunt View Post
I'm using 'paid' to mean he received something of value in exchange for his testimony. I'm not sure if you are just going off a faulty memory of the podcast, or are leveraging some other source of information you haven't felt the need to cite, but this is not consistent with the podcast.
I think that you each are right here. The benefit was not that Jay got counsel - all defendants are entitled to that. The benefit was the timing: Jay got access to counsel before he was indicted.

It's certainly a benefit, but it doesn't fit any traditional understanding of "getting paid" and it is easy to believe that Jay would have no idea that the right to free counsel attached only later (or upon invocation, which he did not do).

Originally Posted by Do Not Taunt View Post
What you do have is:

* Jay knew where the car was, and he puts it all on Adnan.
* The cell phone record putting him somewhere in the vicinity of Leakin Park when the body was being dropped off.

That's really about it.
Even setting aside Adnan's many inconsistencies (which are possibly as numerous as Jay's, and more damning), I am not sure how this is "about it." This is a lot.

Jay knowing where the car is = Jay is complicit. Period, end of story. I said this upthread, but it is infuriating that the podcast spent time on payphones and butt-dialing, rather than the single most important fact in the case, certainly is tops.

Leakin Park cell phone = confirmation that Jay is complicit. Hae almost certainly was buried pre-ice storm. That means January 13. Jay being near the body is just further confirmation of his complicity.

And then - again, even setting aside all of Adnan's inconsistencies - you have the complete absence of any compelling alternate theory that involves Jay, but not Adnan. I mean, Adnan's lawyer was well-known and effective, at least earlier in her career. The lawyer had clerks, and a private detective. Adnan had friends who supported, and still support, him. There was a podcast team doing its own investigation with (some of ) the resources of NPR. There was the innocence project that the podcast got involved. There is the reddit community and thousands upon thousands of followers in the crowdsourced world. And yet - no truly plausible alternate stories. That's not DNA, or a carpet fiber, or an eyewitness. But it is strongly, strongly indicative of the final result.