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Originally Posted by Arcite View Post
People seem to be talking as though pushing to break the planet for the first time is a big deal. Why is that? Is there some special advantage that breaking the planet gives you that carries through to subsequent runs? Some new perk, for example?
Well, it does unlock the Auto-Upgrade feature permanently (which I recommend leaving on in most cases, especially when idle - it will buy your Coordination upgrades and resource harvesting books etc. automatically which allows you to get further when you're not playing actively. But not equipment prestiges or anything that requires a confirmation box). That's one good reason.

It also unlocks the Trimp challenge (pretty easy to beat), which leads to the Resilience perk (a solid perk that synergizes with Toughness).

But really the main reason that pushing for it is important is because you get 5x He on all zones from 59 and up, so your He collection starts to increase significantly, allowing you to buy lots more perks and make significant advancement in the game. When you're piddling around in the sub-60 zones for just a few hundred He per run, you're wasting time compared to the massive He rewards you get post-broken planet. This is true for every run where you break the planet of course, but the first time is significant only because it means you know you can reach that point again and again on future runs. And of course the more He you accumulate, the easier it gets each time.