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Originally Posted by Rigamarole View Post
Wow, good luck doing Void Maps on 100.. they are a pain in the ass even trying to do them post-60 for me right now (and I just spent like 2 hours grinding one out and got a fucking common Heirloom - 5% chance! Ugh).

I feel like I need quite a few more runs to rack up He (spending the bulk of it on Carpentry) before I'll be ready to push that high.
Yeah, I expect it to be rough. On the other hand, the Barrier formation from level 80 helps on void maps, particularly as there's no pierce there. Plus, 100 is a level where gymystic drops, which should multiply my block by more than a factor of 10.

It would have been faster if I'd ground out some more helium before doing it, but I'm betting the 60% megabook bonus will make helium very fast once I finish Frugal.