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Originally Posted by Quartz View Post
Here's another one:

I held S:QJx D:AKQxxxx C:AKx - a void in Hearts - and opened 5D. Partner held SA and HA and doubleton diamond. RHO had the King of Spades, so I made 6. In the post mortem it was suggest that I open 2C and over partner's positive response use Blackwood as I could cope with all responses. Note this works for both 4NT and 5NT (ordinary, not RKCB).
It's a tough hand but if you open 2C and partner bids 2H, I don't see that bidding 4NT helps. Although I would not play that as Blackwood (or RKCB) let's assume it is. Partner now responds 5D showing one. What do you do? He could be AKx Kxxxxx xx xx and 7D makes, or xxx AKJxx Jx xxx and 5D is the limit.

But if partner gives a positive to 2C, there is no reason to rush to 4NT. You can bid 3D first. And 4D over partner's next bid. Something like 2C - 2H - 3D - 3H - 4D. Now with the first hand I gave partner should bid 4S, which must be a cue bid. Now you feel good about a slam. If he cannot cooperate over 4D, you probably give up in 5D.

Now my missed grand from today. I held void xx AKQJ9xx KQJx. Game all and RHO opened 1H. I bid an immediate 5D so they could not get their act together and establish a major suit fit. All passed and partner had AKxxx xx T Axxxx. 14 top tricks. Maybe he should have bid 6, given that I should have at least 9 tricks to bid 5D at that vulnerability and he has 3. But if he does he looks silly if they cash the first two heart tricks.