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Originally Posted by Dead Cat View Post
If he doesn't know about the gambling 3NT, he's hardly likely to open 2C with 14 points, in my view. Such a play could work, but could also get you into trouble if you assume he has way more points than he actually has. I think on balance he was right not to do that. On the other hand, the diamonds are too strong to open 5D (conventional wisdom says - I think). If a slam is available it will probably be missed with that opening bid.
I agree, as per my other post.

My analysis is that the hand in itself should make 3NT pretty much without any help from partner whatsoever (unless the opposition can run off 5 tricks in the black suits before they get caught). So it's a gambling 3NT with a smaller element of gambling than usual (I think, though correct me if I'm wrong, that you can open 3NT with AKQJxxx and literally nothing else, on the basis you will make 7 tricks in your suit and partner will find the other 2 somehow).
You can, although you hope partner will stop all the other three suits.

I wonder if the sequence 1D - 1S - 4D would have alerted you to the unassailable strength of his diamond suit?
It is common, at least in the US, to play this as showing 4-card trump support for partner and a very good diamond suit, e.g. KXXX X AQJTxx AK

I assume 6D makes on either a finesse or squeeze in hearts
Interesting play hand. I would look to play a spade so that thereafter only one opponent can guard spades. Play AC and ruff a club to see if the KC comes down. Then run lots of diamonds leaving KJX in hand and Q, AT, -, Q in dummy. I will have to throw one of those queens on the last diamond, probably QS. Now if the remaining queen is not good, attempt to cash three rounds of hearts. This makes when:
  • KC was doubleton
  • QH was doubleton
  • KC and QH were in the same hand
  • LHO has both AK spades and QH
  • Opponents lead a heart
  • Opponents discard incorrectly

That is better than 50%, so my statement in my previous post about 3NT being the best contract was wrong.

I don't think you even need cue bidding to determine if you have the points in the right places, but really you want him to initiate Blackwood as he's the one who needs to know where your Aces are - and he has taken your best next bid of 4C. I guess you could try 4H, thinking of a cue bid for your AH, with little risk of him thinking you want to change the suit to H
Assuming you are not playing the 4D bid to mean what I described earlier, then I agree that 4H is a cue bid, not a suit. 4D should say "diamonds are trumps" and is basically inviting partner to cue bid with values.

Although technically it shows 5-4 in S-H
I don't think it shows any particular length in hearts, just that you have a heart control.

He then bids 4NT (Blackwood), you respond 5H, and now he knows that you have 2 out of the other 3 suits covered and can bid 6D (no point in asking for K as the lack of the fourth ace puts paid to the grand).
I agree.