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Originally Posted by amarone View Post
It depends on what 4H means. With most of my partners it means singleton or void heart, with at least 4 spades, in which case I can probably bid 7S as there are not enough points outside hearts and diamonds for him not to have AS.

I suspect that you play it to mean lots of hearts. ... 5H would normally be asking partner to bid 6H with a diamond control. If you do not have that agreement, I bid 5H, otherwise I bid 5C.
You play splinters even in competition like this? Is that common?

You haven't discussed it with partner but assume that 5H means "I have control of all side suits, bid 6H if you have good trumps."

Now the other problem. Forget that you've seen the North hand. Holding
♠ 5
♡ KT9876532
♢ 7
♣ 65
on the bidding
1S 2D 4H P
5H P ?
What call do you make? (In practice you get a Diamond lead and take 13 tricks.)