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Originally Posted by septimus View Post
Dopers: please come join us at PlayOK! The interface is much better (IMHO) then Bridgebase. PM me your PlayOK login-name if you do join!
I just looked at the auctions where North-South got to 6H. You will see why PlayOK may not be the place to pick up a new partner.

At one table the auction began like ours, but North bid 6H instead of 5H. This seems reasonable: North can count 12 easy tricks if South has eight good hearts.
At another table the auction started like ours, but North bid 4NT Blackwood. After Pass - 5C - Double - 5S- Pass, South bid 6H.
At another table, North opened 1C (presumably Precision or Polish) with his void and jumped to 6H immediately over South's 4H response.
At another table, North opened 4C (Gerber) with his void! North signed off in 4S when South showed no Aces. South then jumped to 6H when East doubled 4S.