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Originally Posted by SamuelA View Post
Ok, I'm a little confused now. What cites do you need? Do I need to link the lectures in Udacity or one of the other AI training sites, or the papers by Google, or what? This stuff is all very new and cutting edge. Everything I said works or will work Real Soon Now. Including planning agents that can model nanotechnology.
Pick any one. Go from there. . .

Originally Posted by SamuelA View Post
What are you talking about by "hacking"? Or "giving information to the machine?"
The machines you describe are dependent on the data fed to them. For example, i f the Soviets/Russians decide to feed bad data into the machine, then you'll have bad output.

Originally Posted by SamuelA View Post
That's not what reinforcement learning is. Humans build the plumbing but the reason the machine would "know" a bag of chips crumples because it has subsystems that do that and those subsystems figured it out from observation.

A simple one would just have a neural network that takes the output from the classifiers. That's the module that looks at the camera feed and labels the different parts of the image. Like "chip bag".

Other subsystems would reconstruct the geometry from a mixture of stereo cameras and lidar.

And those subsystems feed into a simulator. That's a neural network that predicts the new state of the system. It would have weights and would predict that the future state of the chip bag, post pressure, is pressed inward more, with geometry distortions predicted by these numbers that were found from the data.

It's a very complex topic to be honest. I can't really do it justice. I just "know" we can get these pieces to work extremely well, and to build agents that do more complex tasks. And there's hundreds of billions of dollar being poured into it.

I also "know" that the problem I have described : various common objects inside a robotic test cell, with several robotic arms and a defined goal that requires the machine to "invent" a rube goldberg machine to accomplish the task, is the type of problem that is very solvable with the current state of the art.
I have no idea what you are talking about in context to the current conversation. You've leapt from plumbing to neural analysis of potato chip bags without any reason. Responding to your one idea though, a human must program that machine to '"know" a bag of chips crumples.' A human, with all of his/her emotional imperfections, will program that machine. And you, as a computer programmer, must appreciate that.

Can we at least agree to hate the Soviets?