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Originally Posted by RaftPeople View Post
Agreed, that's a tiny bit optimistic.
Is it? What if the 95th percentile outcome for their illness and present stage is 1 week to live? Or 1 month? You're trading off a small amount of remaining lifespan where the person is probably in a lot of pain and fear for a non zero positive outcome.

I mean, there's no negative outcome. If the cost to freeze them and for 300 years of coolant is less than the cost of 1 week of ICU care and the cost of a funeral, then you're ahead financially*. Even if you can't ever revive them in 300 years, it's still a positive EV, and you measure the chance that you can revive them times the utility if you succeed, and that's obviously a large positive number, however you weight it.

*the coolant is about $1000 a decade, $10k is a century, and that neglects the fact that you could invest money at 1% interest to pay for coolant next century.

There are also site and security costs, but you could easily put a million patients per underground complex and thus get the cost down considerably.

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