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Originally Posted by Heffalump and Roo View Post
Well, I read every word of your post. I wasn't thinking too much about this issue when it happened, so I just went along with the narrative that it was racist. Your rendition is making me think twice about that.

Sure, your interpretation is possible. Anything is possible. You're insisting that your version is the *only* one that's possible. I'm buying that less after reading your post.

Of course, there has been more information about Zimmerman later that may tip the scales, but again, I haven't been paying that much attention to the specifics.

If someone sees someone in their neighborhood who they don't think lives there or is obviously visiting someone there, and that person happens to be African American, what are their options if they think the police won't arrive in time to stop any potential bad activity?
But that's exactly the point. What was suspicious about Trayvon aside from his race?