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Originally Posted by Shodan View Post
There has been discussion on the SDMB that liberals have trouble understanding the motivations of conservatives. The reverse isn't nearly as true - conservatives and independents are more likely to be able to accurately define what drives liberals. I think that might be what is going on here.
Bullshit. Here's what I understand about the motivations of conservatives like George Zimmerman: they're cowards.

People like Zimmerman are scared of black people. Because they're cowards. But they don't see themselves as cowards. They imagine themselves as rugged All-American he-men. They imagine they're really brave. So when a conservative gets scared because he sees a black teenager, he figures that black teenagers must be incredibly scary if they can scare somebody as brave as the conservative imagines he is.

So when they step forward to confront that black teenager, they imagine themselves as the brave knight stepping forward to confront a dragon. They expect everyone around them to admire and respect the courage they are showing. And they figure they're braver than everyone else because they were the only one willing to step forward and confront the threat that they imagine everyone was seeing.

But that's not what everyone else is seeing. Nobody else was scared of the black teenager or felt threatened just because he was walking down the street. So when the conservative confronted the black teenager, their thought was not "That brave man is defending us all" - it was "Why is that asshole harassing that kid for no reason?"