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Originally Posted by RaftPeople View Post
Outside observer that did not really follow the details of the incident when it happened:
Based on the data that appears to be available (I only read the GD thread and the wiki recap), it seems that nobody knows who started the altercation.

Regardless of either parties past history or activities that night, the altercation could easily have been started by either party.

Not sure why anyone can be so convinced that they know what happened.
This. ^^ Whether or not you followed every part of this case, we will never know who or how this altercation really started. I think Zimmerman is an asshole for thinking confrontation as a neighborhood watch person is entirely stupid. I can't say he shot Trayvon because he was black. I'd like to THINK so... 'cause, hey, that'd make this easy. But unfortunately, I do not know and will never know what really happened when they started at each other.

What is neighborhood watch? It means a citizen with eyes and ears and quick communication with the police-- the professionals (we hope) in these cases. IOW, it means any grown up with half a brain. You're no more special than me to report a crime. Zimmerman seems like the type who joined just so he could brag about how great he is. Nevertheless, I don't know what the hell really happened.

Originally Posted by Heffalump and Roo View Post
Along with RaftPeople's examples, I have a bunch of my own.

A neighbor sees someone shining a flashlight into someone's window. Stopping to ask why they're doing that seems more reasonable than watching them continue or waiting to see if he really does break in.

A neighbor sees someone sitting out in the street, talking to someone on the phone. They don't go in a house. They just sit there, for an hour or more. They get up to go toward an empty house every once in a while.

A neighbor sees someone coming out of someone's yard. They are unfamiliar with them and don't see their neighbor that they are familiar with, at the house.

You're saying that the only option available is to call the police when asking might clarify what's going on.
I won't speak for anyone else, but my answer is an absolute yes, call the cops. You remember curiosity (not the Mars droid) and the cat? Someone with a flashlight at the windows of an empty neighbor's house equals call the cops. NEVER walk over and say, "'Sup, dude?" And that's for two main reasons: common sense and what happened to Trayvon. Hey, maybe you're a trained police/military person who would handle this better than me. I'm not, so... 911 it is for me on any of these examples.

So, Babale, I did really love your post. But there are assumptions we unfortunately can't make. Like I said, Zimmerman is an ass, but how and why and for what reason this happened we don't know. Do I think he's racist? Yes. Do I think he should not have confronted Trayvon? Yes. Why he shot Tayvon? I do not know why FOR SURE. All racist reasons are possible, but we can't just conclude that.