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Originally Posted by Locrian View Post
I won't speak for anyone else, but my answer is an absolute yes, call the cops. You remember curiosity (not the Mars droid) and the cat? Someone with a flashlight at the windows of an empty neighbor's house equals call the cops. NEVER walk over and say, "'Sup, dude?" And that's for two main reasons: common sense and what happened to Trayvon. Hey, maybe you're a trained police/military person who would handle this better than me. I'm not, so... 911 it is for me on any of these examples.
This actually happened. A neighbor saw a flashlight beam from around my place. He came over to see what was happening. It turned out that I was shining a flashlight to see something in the dark. He didn't realize I was there. I'm glad he didn't call the police because I wouldn't want to deal with them.

The other thing happened too. I saw some young people sitting around the car for a really long time. I hadn't seen them before. They were probably friends of someone in the area. After watching them for a while, I went over and asked why they were sitting out in the street. They went into the friend's house after I asked.

Neighborhood watches are organized so that people can group together and ask each other what's going on instead of calling the police for everything that seems out of place.