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Originally Posted by Gray Ghost View Post
Trump's a bunch of things. Rude on Twitter, opens mouth and inserts both feet, grabs 'em by the pussy, etc... But running for office, he was fairly alone among Republicans (other than Rand and Ron Paul) by asking what the point of OIF was, why do we still have troops there, why are we in NATO and where are they going to start paying us for the privilege, etc... Contra Mr "Bring em on!", I don't see Trump spinning up a conflict for shits and giggles. He has other things to occupy his time, like the ever skyrocketing federal debt, and whether we're headed to another recession.
. . .
How about as a distraction, plain and simple? Whether it comes to military action is just a secondary concern, if it all, to Trump. He just needs to 'rally the nation' except in his case the nation is red.