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It should be noted that essentially nothing you've said here about Iran's nuclear program in anywhere close to accurate. Essentially everyone but Trump and his supporters are of the opinion that Iran is, even now, abiding by the terms of the deal that Trump trashed.
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And even if they weren't, Trump's abrogation relieves Iran of any legal or moral responsibility.

It is the stench of Trump's defecations which have extinguished hopes for peace. Only an American jingoist would blame Iran.

So, interesting developments this weekend. But the key point is, even though Iran has decided to increase their production of enriched uranium, they're still (for now, at least) abiding by some of the terms of the Iran Deal, and they're being forthright in informing the relevant international authorities of what they're doing, and exactly why they're doing it.

Iran comes out of this looking far more mature and reasonable that Trump et al. do. Good job, US.