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Oh yeah, you can buy everything on Amazon. Before I went into the hospital last year, I ordered things like laundry detergent and big packs of toilet paper, just to avoid going to the store and/or having to carry it into the house. When in rehab, I ordered some coke and other snacks delivered, rather than pay vending machine prices

While I greatly appreciate the offers of Amazon gift cards, and even a Kindle Paperwhite, I don't really need them. I've got a roof over my head, food (and food assistance), my computer and internet, and while things could be going better/faster on that front, I even have health care. I don't truly need much more. I hope no one is offended by my declining the kind offers here, but there are people in greater need than I.

I have sales alerts set up for the Paperwhites, so I can save a little when I buy it. Recreational reading isn't the pleasure it was before the cataracts. They make even my internet reading and occasional gaming problematic. When my eyes are fixed, I'll be more interested in reading for pleasure. In the meantime, I can be patient and wait for a sale.

Thanks again.
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