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Originally Posted by XT View Post Trump didn't just make shit up out of whole clothe for why the US pulled out of the agreement, and it wasn't just because Obama was part of the original deal. Iran has been funding and supplying several terrorist groups in the region who are basically Iranian proxies. This is not acting 'honourably' by any stretch. And this isn't like a big secret either. Most of the folks who were signatories on the deal know that Iran is doing some shady shit. They (well, those who don't have a direct stake in supporting Iran like Russia, China etc) just feel that having the deal outweighs dealing with the other shit Iran does.

Personally, I agree. I think it did outweigh it, which is why I supported Obama and the deal, even though I could see there were a lot of issues with it, and even though I knew the other shady shit Iran was doing. But to hold them blameless and acting honorably, the victim in all this is basically saying you haven't been keeping even nominally informed on this subject. It's about like saying China is the victim in the trade war, and that all of that comes from Trump. It doesn't.
With regards to the terms of the deal, I've seen no evidence that Iran was acting other than "honorably". They do all kinds of other awful shit, but they were sticking to the terms of the deal, and Trump's decision to walk away is catastrophically damaging to US national security. Trump just helped the Iranian extremists who want nukes and got absolutely nothing in return.
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