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The president of the United States calls a press conference and proclaims that the country will now enable new international peace accords dubbed the Zurich Manifesto -- they will immediately withdraw troops from trouble spots and dismantle the nuclear program. Public opinion is divided on the new declaration as some call it a bold advancement towards world peace while others think it's "too much too soon" though everyone generally agrees that this did come from out of nowhere. Secret Service agent and former Special Forces soldier Blake Leonardo is about to go home for the night when he is pulled aside by the first lady. The two once dated briefly years ago and she confides that the president is acting strangely and she doesn't know who she can trust.

Leonardo believes her but doesn't grow suspicious until he is pulled aside by a Secret Service supervisor, who isn't in his direct chain of command, and tries to get him to say what the first lady was talking about. Leonardo begins to question the supervisor's reasons when two other agents attempt to subdue him, a fight breaks out in the White House which escalates into a running gun battle along the streets of Washington with the hero eventually escaping by commandeering a civilian car, then dumping it in an alley and getting a step ahead of his pursuers. Knowing that his home will certainly be under surveillance, Leonardo heads to an old Army buddy's office. His buddy is now working in cyber security and starts researching "Zurich Manifesto" on the dark web until he realizes that his searches are being monitored. He does provide a clue just as more agents bust into the office.

Leonardo escapes once again while a news report voice over mentions that a terrorist cell was uncovered in DC and that the first lady had slipped into a mysterious coma. Leonardo tracks the clue and ends up in another battle in an abandoned New Jersey warehouse which ends in explosions. Leonardo then makes his way to Mount Rushmore (homage to North By Northwest) where he uncovers an international cabal who hypnotized the president and is looking to profit by weakening the United States. Leonardo fights his way through the cabal and stops their evil plans. Another voiceover confirms that the president and first lady are now OK while Leonardo walks quietly off into the night.


Boogerburgers II, the Next Day.