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Swamp Lake got its name from its discoverer, Elijah Swamp, in a seldom explored area of Montana. Elijah's family settled in that area during the Gold Rush of the mid 19th century and became a self-sustaining community. Whenever government officials arrived to take census or to tell them they had to pay taxes, they mysteriously disappeared. Further investigations revealed no trace of the officials, and none the Swamps would speak of the matter. One day, the heroine, a Nancy Drew type of ambitious entry level cop, wanted to prove she was just as capable of solving difficult crimes as her male counterparts, journeyed to Swamp Lake with her gang of teenage friends and their dog in a van they called the Conundrum Conveyance. They encounter ghosts that were actually Swamps wearing whiteface and images from film projectors, then expose the disguise of the kind little old lady who was actually Elijah's descendant Elias, and the missing officials are found stacked like cordwood in a cave.

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