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Originally Posted by Face Intentionally Left Blank View Post
Friday I have my one-day follow-up. Hopefully he'll give me a projected timetable on my healing, and when I can start thinking about a new set of glasses. Probably not for a couple months though, since it'll be another month before the other eye is fixed. My vision is much improved, but until I can get my next pair of glasses, it won't be what you might call good, or even decent. My close-up vision in my repaired eye is so bad I look at small print with my bad eye, from about 3-4 inches.

It's a start.
Sorry you have to wait that long for eye #2. Mine had been scheduled for 4 weeks apart, though they had a cancellation and I got 'em 2 weeks apart; a friend had hers done 7 days apart.

They gave me a scrip for computer / reading glasses at the 2 week followup for eye #2.

My friend actually wore a contact lens in the bad eye for most of the week between the two procedures, as her vision was so bad she couldn't have gotten by even with a lens knocked out of the old pair of specs. I believe she did pretty much what you describe, re reading close up with the unfixed eye.

If you're lucky, when #2 is done you'll be able to get by with drugstore reading glasses.