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Originally Posted by Sunny Daze View Post
...and not paying them?
What an edge case. It in fact would be legal to have a foreign girl, who also works as a prostitute, who is 16 or older, as your girlfriend. At least, by U.S. law and if you're on foreign soil. And in some U.S. states.

You just can't pay her. Well, you can give her money, but it can't explicitly be for sex.

The answer to your question is no, I don't do that. I brought it up because it both seems hypocritical (something is a federal felony unless money doesn't change hands? how is that a fair or just law? Who wrote this?!) and an example of how lax U.S. law really is with regards to foreign conduct.

Note that a step-by-step guide as to how to obtain cocaine in Columbia (don't think it would require many steps) would be 100% legal by U.S. law and the board's stated rules. So long as you did all the coke and didn't have any residue on you when you board the plane to go home, assuming you don't OD.