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Originally Posted by Monty View Post
Take your own advice, you illiterate schmuck. You clearly typed--and I quoted it for your convenience--that "it is legal to break the law in other countries, as far as U.S. law is concerned, with rare exceptions".
This means you can commit all sorts of offenses in other countries, return to the U.S., and you will not be in trouble with U.S. law.

Now, yeah, if you murder someone, and there's evidence, that country can ask for and sometimes get extradition. But that's STILL NOT U.S. LAW PUNISHING YOU!

If you go to North Korea, and commit basically ANY CRIME, and escape, the U.S. ISN'T GOING TO DO SHIT. This is because (1) it's not against U.S. law to commit MOST crimes in North korea (murder, rape, arson..anything but fucking kids!) (2) The U.S. government is going to almost certainly tell North Korea to pound sand with their extradition request, no matter the evidence.

Now, sure, in reality you're going to jail in North Korea and they'll probably kill you. I'm not saying you have the practical ability to do whatever you want and you would have a pretty hard time escaping. But in countries where it's obviously fucking legal to do certain things, like pay hookers over the age of 18 for sex or smoke weed or do coke, you can pretty much go there and do this all you fucking want. And you won't be in trouble with that country's laws, and you can come back to the U.S., brag about it on social media with photos, and fuck all will happen as far as legal consequences.

Oh, and don't commit acts of piracy. That one's a special case. High seas piracy, not the digital kind.

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