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Originally Posted by Sailboat View Post
Where are you (vape advocates) on this (admittedly developing) story:

CDC: 153 cases of severe lung disease in 16 states possibly linked to vaping
As it says in the article, we don't know what the cause is, so it's hard to form an opinion based on that.

Personally, I think it will come out that there was some bad juice that got shipped out, whether it be a flavor or a base, and I would be more than happy with regulations that ensure that what people buy to put into their vapes is unadulterated.

Hopefully, it will be tracked down, and whatever supplier is shipping contaminated materials will be stopped from doing so in the future.

When some worker in a field doesn't wash his hands between crapping and picking lettuce, or a part in a slaughterhouse or butchery shop isn't cleaner, then we get people dying and made sick from e coli. When some cook on a cruise line doesn't wash his hands, everyone gets listeriosis. I don't see this as being any different, other than Vaping is more controversial than going on cruises or eating kale.

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