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Figure I'd bring this up-to-date. Both eyes are fixed now. Without glasses, I have great distance vision, poor near vision - exactly the reverse of what I've had my whole life. Most of my life takes place within arms-length, now more than ever. Wish I had better close-up vision. For things I could see without glasses before, I now need my bifocals and a magnifying glass. Oh well.

Don't much care for my glasses. Narrowest lenses (from top to bottom) that I've ever had. I think it makes for a very narrow field of focus in the progressive lens. They didn't have frames with wider lenses in the section my insurance would cover. Again, oh well. I can see pretty well, even if it's not quite as good as before.

My abscess came back, again. I'm on antibiotics, again. Seems to be helping. I go to the surgeon in about ten days to talk about a proctectomy. I have to read up on it carefully, but it looks like I've got 3 months in hospital/rehab before they'll cut my SSI. That will give me enough time (barring complications) to heal from surgery and still keep my apartment.

Got a call from the subsidized housing ppl. An apartment opened up and I was next on list, but it wasn't on the first floor, which I need to have now. She was very nice. They'll call me when one opens up on the first floor. I have to wait until my lease is up here anyway. Think January's my last month. Hope that works out, in time. I could really use the extra cash.

Not bad overall, so far.

My gaming clan friend received a liver transplant on Sunday. He was going into kidney failure, really sliding downhill fast. Unfortunately, he had a stroke, either during or just after the surgery. His kidney function is returning, but he hasn't regained consciousness, though his wife says he frowned when she told him she broke his phone.

Must be nice to be someone who prays, who has the feeling they can actually help.