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The inherent problem with 2nd Amendment debates [tactics]

There have been an uncountable number of 2nd Amendment debates through the years(7.2 septillion on this board alone) about the meanings of "militia", "arms", "well regulated" etc., but in my personal opinion these debates are not being argued in good faith by those actually believe that it doesn't really matter how the 2nd Amendment is finally interpreted because they have a right to whatever weaponry they think they need (Natural Law, Natural Rights, God-Given Rights etc.) and 2nd Amendment be damned. I think it is a dishonest waste of everyone's time to argue for hours on end about definitions and original intent and the Feds vs. the States etc., only to state, long after opponents have argued and cited in good faith, that it doesn't matter anyway because you have the right to your firearms no matter how the 2nd Amendment is interpreted. If you truly believe this to be true, I think it would be more honest to lead with that and skip the rest that you don't really think matters.

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