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Originally Posted by PastTense View Post
I don't think it is a reasonable belief that a subsidized housing apartment will open up exactly when your lease runs out. Instead it will probably open up before it runs out or after you have to sign a new lease. So you need to grab it when it becomes available.

Anyway best wishes.

Check into your current lease; it may allow you to go month-to-month once the lease is up. That would give you a bit more flexibility.

If you have a chance at a second-floor apartment in a building with an elevator, would that do? There's the risk there that if the power goes out (or if the elevator malfunctions) you'd be stuck upstairs, so I'd personally be leery of it unless you were able to go down the stairs in an emergency. My in-laws, when looking for a condo, specifically wanted one on the ground floor for that reason.

Congrats on getting the eyes done. I've been able to get by with drugstore reading glasses, though that's partly because I got the multifocal implants. That might or might not be something you could do (they do make over-the-counter bifocals) in the future, as a cost saving measure. Ugh on the abscess. What a literal pain in the ass .

And my sympathies to your friend and his family - how terrifying for all of them, and what an utterly unfortunate outcome of such life-altering surgery.

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