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Originally Posted by Sailboat View Post
In the 1980s we hosted a German exchange student who had come to America from Hamburg. I asked him this question once, and he laughed and said, "There is no 'high German' and 'low German.' There is only German and Bavarian." He drew out the second syllable of Bavarian comically (Ba-VAAAAH-rian.)

He was a little bit mischievous (by German standards) and may have been making a joke.
Must've been a joke, because that's objectively untrue. I live smack dab in the middle of Germany, and only casually counting I get at least seven different major dialects spoken in a 100 km radius around here. And that's only really major dialects. Where I live, in a mountainous region, virtually every valley/village differs a bit in accent and vocabulary.
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